Wooded Concrete

Wooded Concrete

Design your own garden areas, among the products you will find diversity of models and designs that make your garden confortable in spring and summer.

The products are a perfect wood imitation without periodic maintenance. You will never suffer flaws for humudity with wooden concrete.

All the products are made with high strength concrete.

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Wooden concrete curbs

Wooden concrete curbs for garden areas and delimitating other garden spa.ces

from 13.31 *

Concrete paths

Wooden concrete paths.

from 16.94 *

Concrete Tile

Wooden concrete tile.

22.99 *
Delivery weight: 15.5 kg


Concrete bench, for external use and without maintenance. Made in high durability esthetic concrete.

387.20 *

Concrete Panels

Wooden concrete panel, perfect for frontages or paths.

30.25 *
Delivery weight: 28 kg

Tree Protector

Protection element for trees, that decorates your garden highlighting  flowers and vegetation around.

Two pieces for the whole circle.

24.20 *
Delivery weight: 18.5 kg

Concrete Unbrella Stand

Wooden concrete unbrella stand.

41.14 *
Delivery weight: 32 kg


90.75 *
Delivery weight: 45 kg

Wooden Concrete Pallets

Wooden concrete pallets,  Optimal for exterior terraces and swimming pool.

29.04 *
Delivery weight: 33 kg


29.04 *
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