PINOT ® Organic and Universal Substrates

PINOT ® Organic and Universal Substrates



We offer a wide range of substrates, different compositions for specific pourposes, and different packings for your comfort.


High water absortion with correct aireation, preventing from waterlogging.





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PINOT® Professional Substrate

Based on the opinions of our clients, we´ve create serial specific substrates for diferent agricultural purposes. With its own composition each, optimizing the crop.


  • Professional Horticultural substrate
  • Forest Seedbed substrate
  • Aromatic and medicinal plants substrate
  • Urban Orchard Substrate
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PINOT® Universal Substrate

It´s made for all kind of plants: horticulture, floriculture.

  • Making the plant grow easier
  • Making easier for the plant to absorb the nutrients.
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PINOT® Lawn Topdressing

Fertilized natural substrate for maintaining and renewal of fine lawn.

  • Boost root development
  • Efficient seed germination
  • Mineral macro and micro nutrients
  • Waterproof
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